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  Help remove financial burdens and bring gifts of hope to those dealing with cancer.
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We are excited to annouce the following
Hope Givers for 2012...
Augusta sheared her head for Shear Hope on December 19th!

Rachael and Sarah held their event on Sunday, June 3rd!

Mariah and Janlyn shaved their heads on Sunday, May 20th!

In July of 2003 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. At the time I was 32, my wife Molly was 25, and we were 6 months pregnant with our second child. The news took us completely by surprise. The doctor said that the tumor would have to be removed as soon as possible and surgery was scheduled for one week from that day.

That was the longest week of our lives. We wondered if the cancer was contained or if it had spread all over my body. One night I told Molly that if I were to die from this that I wanted her to remarry because I wanted my children to have a father. This is something you don't talk about at my age.

The tumor was successfully removed, and the cancer was contained. I then went through some weeks of radiation.

Thus far the cancer has not spread anywhere else. I will be CAT scanned frequently for the next 5 years to make sure that if it does come back we will catch it.

During my illness and recovery family and friends covered us with hope and love. We received money in the mail from people we did not know. Walmart gift certificates and Blockbuster rental cards also came in the mail. People brought us meals and cleaned our house. Our friends at church also held a raffle for us and raised two thousand dollars to help us with bills.

As you can see we were truly blessed by those around us. If it had not been for that love and support, our experience would have been so much harder. Molly and I will be forever grateful to everyone who loved on us.

I tell you the above story to tell you this: the heartfelt hope and love we were given by others is why we started Shear Hope. Going through the cancer has changed our lives forever. We want to change the world by helping remove financial burdens and bringing tangible and intangible gifts to those dealing with cancer.


We are here to help those in need due to Cancer. Please let us know what we can do for you!

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