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On Saturday, July 17th, 2010, Jade and Candi both shaved their heads again for Shear Hope, in what they called a "Repeat Offenders Event," held at Chapel In The Woods in Dallas.

Hope Givers Molly, Candi, Sarah & Jade.


It's been over five years since I shaved my head for Shear Hope the first time. I am just as excited now as I was then to be a part of this amazing organization. I have seen what has happened over these last few years... so many families being helped, and so many other people coming on board to become Hope Givers! It's been so neat to see so many people, so many of my very own friends, catch on to the vision that Jeffrey and Molly had when they created Shear Hope!

This time, as I prepare to shave my head again, I have a new perspective, as my own mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in March of 2009. It was rough... the surgery, the chemo and radiation took a toll on her, but she remained so upbeat and positive throughout the whole thing. Losing her hair was very difficult for her, but I was able to stand by her side and tell her how wonderful being bald was! She is a fighter and a survivor and I'm doing it this time for her! She's my hero!


Back in 2005 my father had stage 4 cancer. It was very aggressive and things looked stark for him. He changed his diet drastically and underwent chemo. He lost his hair and a lot of weight and was unable to work.

During that dark time a good friend of mine invited me to attend an event she was participating in for a new organization called Shear Hope. My sweet friend Jade Clark was shaving off all her hair to raise money for this cancer charity. She didn't know anyone who had cancer, she was just passionate about this organization and wanted to do something to make a statement of love and support to all people who have lost their hair because of cancer and stand in solidarity with them. I took my father with me, it was the night before his final chemo treatment. I watched her shave her hair and it was earth shattering for me. Sitting next to the withered shell of my father, it rocked my world to see a girl who had never experienced cancer in her family to give such a beautiful gift. I chose right then and there to do it, too. On May 13, 2006 I shaved my head for Shear Hope, too.

I never realized at that moment just how powerfully Shear Hope would impact my life. I wasn't just a Hope Giver that one day, I am a Hope Giver FOREVER. My heart is changed, my life is changed and I want to give again because it means so much to me to make every difference I can for those who are cancer warriors.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
The Chapel In The Woods, Dallas, TX.

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