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I found myself sitting in Jeffrey's salon one day in May, listening to his vision for Shear Hope. He expressed an immediate need to find a woman who would be willing to immediately shave her head to be a model for all the women who would be participating in the Shear Hope events. I thought to myself, "I'm not scared!" And I told him I was interested. He was thrilled, but he wanted me to think about it and really consider if I was willing to do this. The next day I was walking down an aisle in the grocery store when I looked up and saw a woman approaching me with a great big smile on her face. She stopped and told me how beautiful my hair was and that was the moment I decided to shave my hair off.

Her compliment made me so happy and right then it just made me realize how much more it would mean to a little girl or a woman who had lost her hair from chemo to receive the same compliment and maybe feel beautiful again.

I'm not going to tell you it will be easy. In fact, cutting off my hair was a huge sacrifice for me, but its been one of the proudest decisions I've made in my life yet. I thought I was just getting a hair cut. Little did I know how my decision would impact so many peoples lives- including my own which was the biggest surprise of all. I had the opportunity to be a walking testimony of how one person can change the world by sacrificing a part of themselves. Its not been a fleeting decision that's faded quickly out of sight. I realized after one week with my head shaved that I had made a real commitment to this. That was my lowest moment realizing my hair was gone, but its only been uphill for me since then. In my own life, the message of hope has reached more people than I can count from coast to coast because of my decision, since I travel with my job. In view of Jeffrey's vision for Shear Hope to really provide in peoples lives, all of us have an incredible chance to make a great decision and join with him to support cancer patients and their families and stand by them in their most difficult times.

Kandyce at Shear Hope's first event.

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