Our mission:  
  Help remove financial burdens and bring gifts of hope to those dealing with cancer.
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Our goal is threefold:

1. To raise monetary support to assist with needs and personal bills for those suffering from cancer,

2. To bring hope to cancer sufferers and survivors through tangible gifts such as toys, clothes, and other needed items,

3. To raise cancer awareness through our events and collateral.


Hope Givers,
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In a nutshell: we ask ladies to shave off their hair and raise money to support their brave decision. We ask that women agree to shave their hair at a #6 guard (3/4 inch hair length) or less. We do this for a couple of reasons:

First, we want to honor all women who lose their hair for medical reasons. We want ladies with cancer to see that there are hundreds of women that will stand at their side and say, “As your sister I will walk with you and show the world that we are beautiful with or without our hair, and that it is who we are inside that counts.”

Second, any hair starting at the head and ending past the chin is over the 10- to 12-inch limit for Locks of Love. All participants' hair will be sent to Locks of Love where it will be made into hair pieces for young ladies who can not grow hair for medical reasons.

When a woman commits to shave off her hair, she also commits to raise financial support for this event. We ask that each lady do the following: 1) shave her hair to at least a 6 guard length, 2) donate a minimum of 13 inches of hair, and 3) try to raise at least $200 prior to her event. All funds raised for Shear Hope will be used to assist in paying for financial responsibilities and other needs submitted to us by those dealing with cancer. The participant will be featured on the Hope Givers page on our site which will highlight her reasons for wanting to contribute to Shear Hope, the funds she hopes to contribute, and a "before" picture of the participant with her hair. Then anyone can make donations to Shear Hope in her name. After her event, pictures will be added to the site chronicling her event and showing a final picture of her without her hair.

If you are interested in becoming a Hope Giver, please email us at

Our goal is to give 90% of all donations received at Shear Hope to people with cancer-related needs and run the organization on the remaining 10%.

We ask anyone who has financial needs related to cancer issues to submit their requests to Shear Hope. Requests will be treated as follows: 1) Shear Hope will do our best to help, 2) Shear Hope will not provide funds directly to persons in need - we go to specific establishments and assist with bills; 3) Shear Hope will also buy and deliver items for persons with individual needs (evaluated on a case-by-case basis).

Photographs of those receiving funds from Shear Hope will be posted to the website as well as a small description of the assistance given (permission granted, of course). Shear Hope runs our organization like a family, and our hope is that everyone who joins with us will feel that they are part of the life-changing experience for so many in need. It is because of our family attitude that we want to share our family's success with you.

Until the organization grows, Shear Hope will only be holding events within the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. We (Molly and Jeffrey) will attend every event as we want to personally honor and thank every woman willing to raise funds and sacrifice her hair for others.

Jeffrey is a licensed hair stylist and will personally shave off the hair of any woman who wants to make this sacrifice for those in need.

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